The personal and work-related challenges that young people face today are not very different from the challenges their parents and grandparents faced in the past

By and large, people had to face different life or work problems during their life throughout history. But to what extend are have those problems differed is a place of argument. There are a plethora of people who are in the conviction that the troubles one may face regarding his personal or work life is by far different from those that older generations, like our parents and grandparents, faced, while others take a radically different point of view and assert that there is no significant difference between the personal and work problems that our former generations had to overcome and our generation. To the extent that my personal perspective is concerned, I accord with the first group. Among countless reasons, which give adherence to, my opinion I will delve into the most conspicuous ones in the subsequent paragraphs.

Firstly, with the technological advancements of modern era, the problems that were as a result of miscommunication either in a matter of personal or work life has been diminished substantially comparing to past eras. The advent of Internet which was not available in the past has enabled people to communicate in a more efficient way to overcome their problems. For example my father always tells me stories about the vicissitudes of talking to my mother 50 years ago during the gulf war. Since the availability of telephone in Iran during that time period, was strictly limited to military use, he was deprived of hearing her loved one's voice for almost two year. This difficulty was more severe for my grandfather since mails, which could easily get lost in those days, were the only way of communication. Not only has Internet enabled me to video call my wife anytime I desire, it also has provided me an opportunity to share the excitement moments of my life with her instantly even when we are far away from each other. However, these technological advancements have brought about different problems, like the adverse effects of pornography or violent Internet games which we have to deal with.
Secondly, peoples are nowadays more educated and thereby less radical and more understanding comparing to the past and thereby the problems that we face in this modern era is not even closely comparable to those that former generation had to cope with. Gone are the days when the marriage of a black man and a white woman was prohibited since some thought that mixing pure generations with blacks can have adverse effect on society's health. The ridiculous thoughts that my parents had to deal with at work place due to their different skin color, are not being imposed upon me and my generation as radically as past.

In short all the aforementioned reasons and examples leads to the conclusion that the advancement of technology and literacy has altered the nature of the problems that our generation has to deal with comparing to former generations.

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