Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and television have more negative effects than positive effects on the way young people behave. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and television have more negative effects than positive effects on the way young people behave. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In the modern era, technology has revolutionized all human aspects' lives quickly. One of the most important technological devices is the television that completely influences all human lives especially young people. It has caused a heated debate among the academicians that its negative effects outweigh its positive effect and this idea has plentiful opponents and proponents. From my perspective, this idea is not convincing and acceptable. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will elaborate on my points of view cogently.

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that it includes many programs that not only do not have a negative effect but also are so informative and help them to boost their general knowledge in different fields. As a case in point, the matches are very interesting and challenging, without a shadow of a doubt, it makes them curious and interested to search about that topic and become more knowledgable. Apart from this, there are some other programs that discuss the ways of success or teaching various skills.

Another equally noteworthy point in corroborating this issue is that although in some movies show the works of culprit or murder that may have a negative effect on the viewer, the subject and context of them are positive. In other words, the director tries to teach and guide the youths by showing the problems that there are in society. As a result, showing the current problems of young people and other people in society may trigger the authorities to take considerable action to solve them. Besides, they sometimes depict the true way by illustrating the sequence of false decisions and performs. The result of the survey on this topic that how much television improves the lives of young people have revealed the remarkably result in which 70% of people confirm its positive effect on their life.

In brief, all the aforementioned reason lead us to the conclusion that all in all its advantage is extremely more than its drawbacks. It transferred the aim and intention of the directors in the perfect ways to its audience. Plus, it in some fields has influenced the president and authorities to detect a suitable solution. Consequently, it is anticipated in the future to attract more young people to television if the situation for talking more about the current issues will be provided.

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reasons == advantages or

reasons == disadvantages

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