Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and television have more negative effects than positive effects on the way young people behave. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It has to be acknowledged that prior to the inception of computer and online programs, movies and television are considered as one of the predominant source of entertainments. Still now, people including young adult enjoy movie watching or programs telecast on tv. Some people thinks that movie and television are responsible for deterioration of young generation and their moral degradation while others posses the opposite view. Personally, I disagree with the statement and I take this point on account of following reasons.

First of all, Movies are not created only for the purpose of entertainment, rather the story of movies have plethora of purposes. Some movies are based on technology while some are based on mystry, suspense, crime or biography based. There are lot of movies which are inspirational and encourages us to never give up and reminds us how much creative human beings are. For example, a movie named "Shawshank Redemption" is really a worth watching movie in which very nicely it is presented that it is the hope through which a man can find way to live, to dream, to start life in a new way even if everything of a person is messed up. The movie review shows that how much inspirational this movie was for the young generation. The movie based on real stories not only inspire us but also provoke our thinking ability about the struggle of a person to be successful. Movies based on science fiction or technology teaches us how technology can smooth the life or solves the problems which initially seems to be tough to perform. So, in no way one can say that the movies have more negative effects on the behavior of young generation though some movies shows extreme level violence or nudities.

Secondly, television plays an important role to raise awareness among the people about the consequences of positive or negative activities. So many programs telecast on tv like BBC tedtalk, hard talk, programs telcast on discovery or National geography channels has educational value. From these programs, young generation can be able to find out interest or information about many things that was not known to them previously. Series telecast on tv are still popular among young genrations not only for entertainment, but also for their storylines. For instance, FRIENDS is tv series which still make people emotional about the significance of friendship, bonding.

In a nutshell, movie and television have more positive role on the mental and phylosophical instincts among young generations comared to negative effects on them.

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