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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One of the best ways that parents can help their teenage children prepare for adult life is to encourage them to take a part-time job. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer


No one can deny the contribution of parents that they do for the smooth and better life of their children. They not only guide us during our childhood or teenage time, but also in our later life they have tremendous contributions. However, while some people think that parents should encourage their teenage children to engage in part-time job in order to be prepared for adult life and to face the harsh reality in future, I hold different view. For me, it seems to be unnecessary and not productive idea. I take this point on account of a couple of reasons.

First of all, to do a part-time job during teenage age adds extra pressure in the teenager's life and consequently, that teenager can lose his/he aim of goal amid of lots of pressures. My cousin's experience can be a compelling example for this point. My cousin was 16 years old and at that age, he just completed his secondary school exam. At that time my uncle, under the influence of his friend, persuaded my cousin to join in a restaurant as a helping hand to serve food. But the restaurant was always full of customer and he had to work morning to evening though he started the as a part-time work. In doing so, he has now no aim of pursuing further study. Because of misguidance from other workers, he thinks that higher study seems lots of challenge, rather it is easy to do. Hence, he has now no goal who once dreamed to be a entaprenur. Before joining there, He dreamed to create such a business where lots of people will work under him, thus he had a plan to reduce the burden of unemployment. Now, Nothing is left in his life. He is now just like a wayfarer.

In addition, whatever the type of job- part time or full time, there are always many responsibilities in job. and doing performing these responsibilities teenage student can loss the joy and vigor of their life. Moreover, It hampers their study. Ultimately, they can drop of from their study which is unexpected. Actually teenage time is the harvesting period for a person when s/he needs more care in order to be flourished as an enable perfect person. It's time to nurture one's dream which will him to purse for a better life during adulthood. For instance, My parents knew that I loved to stydy, to go through details in biological inventions. They inspired me to do the thing where I always find interest. So the full time during my teenage and young time I dedicated myself in my field of interest. Now. as an adult I am successful. I wonder, if my parents did the same thing like my uncle, where I would be right now? So in no way, UI think it is the best way to do part-time job during teenage age.

In conclusion, taking the above-mentined reasons and examples into consideration, It can be concluded that encouraging the teenage to do part-time job is an imprudent decision and no parent should do that thinking the unexpected the consequences in future,.

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