Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers.

Infants step to the world without any special skill except crying and sleeping. They cannot talk, eat, walk and play. Parents support their children and teach them a lot of essential skills to live and communicate. Learning is one of the most important parts of childhood and parents facilitate it for children. As a matter of fact, our parents are the best and the first teachers in our lives and without them we would not exist. In my view, parents love us very much so they are patient in teaching us vital abilities and since they know our characteristics, they consider our interests and abilities.

First of all, parents love their own children more than themselves. This love gives them a specific patience to tolerate every hardship and trouble and forgive their children’s mistakes. For example, when I was two years old, my mother taught me to say “happy”. She had to repeat it about 20 times for me and I just could say “ha...” but she did not get disappointed and continued repeating it. When I succeeded in saying “happy”, actually she was happier than me. After 25 years, whenever I watch this video and my mother’s happiness, I appreciate her because she taught me speaking and I believe undeniably she is my best teacher. On the other hand, my mother forgives my mistakes very easily. When I poured water on the floor, she helped me to clean it up without any complain. Then she kissed me and explained that we cannot walk on wet floor and it is dangerous so we should not pour water on it. Therefore, parents’ patience makes them the best teachers for their children.

Moreover, parents know our characteristics very well. They are familiar with our positive and negative points of personalities and try to alter our attitudes and teach us how to live better. For instance, my mother understood I liked drawing because she noticed I had a good talent among other kids. She registered me in a drawing class and encouraged me to continue painting as a hobby. When I was overwhelmed in school or university courses, she motivated me to draw alongside study and to not give up my interests and dreams. Her supports inspired me in the most difficult situations to not relinquish my goals. Now, I owe my mother because her knowledge about my talents and abilities led me to be a good pharmacist and artist and corroborate my other capabilities such as photography, music and writing. So, parents’ conceptions about their children’s ability and personality make them the best teachers.

To sum up, though some may think children just imitate their parents’ manners and parents do not have any active role in teaching them, I believe that parents are the first and the best teachers and have a significant role in the teaching process. Not only do parents tolerate all the difficulties to raise us but also they completely know our personalities and talents to amend us. Definitely, parents are most committed and involved in teaching us and this makes them the best teachers.

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inspired me in the most difficult situations to not relinquish my goals.
inspired me in the most difficult situations not to relinquish my goals.

and to not give up my interests and dreams.
and not to give up my interests and dreams.

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