Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people today are less dependent on their parents than young people in the past.

By and large, the vocation that one chooses has a huge influence on his future. But on what base the decision of choosing a carrier should be taken has been a place of argument for many years among scholars. There are a plethora of people who are in the conviction that youngsters should follow their parent's carrier choices and choose similarly, while others take a radically different point of view and disagree. To the extent that my personal perspective is concerned I accord with the latter group. Among countless reasons which give adherence to my opinion, I will delve into the most conspicuous ones in the subsequent paragraphs.
Firstly, youngsters should follow their passion and their instincts rather than stepping in the same path as their parents in the matter of vocation since their talents may differ from those of their parent. Stifling the talents and natural abilities of youngsters by forcing them to put foot in the same career path of their parents can have serious adverse effects on youngster's self-esteem and self-image since they might not be able to fill into their parents shoe or simply lack the necessary abilities that are indispensable for the job.
For example, my uncle exercised his power as a parent to force his son into becoming a doctor like himself. Never did it cross his mind that his son didn't had what it takes to be a good doctor. Depressed from his awful grades at medical school, he attempted suicide the second year of his medical school. After his unsuccessful attempt his father forced him to talk to a therapist and after those sessions with his therapist he decided place a more liberal confidence on himself and follow his heart and as a matter of fact he turned out to be a very competent musician.
Secondly, should youngsters choose a different vacation than their parents, they may be able benefit their families in different ways. Choosing different jobs than their parents necessitates different problems and different people to cope with, which can be beneficial for the family in long run. For instance my brother choose to be an artist which is not closely related to my father's job whom is an engineer. From the moment that my brother had been involved with art, we have been able to be more familiar with different art forms and a lot of artists.
In short all the aforementioned reasons and examples leads to the conclusion that should youngsters choose their career different than their parents, they can provide an opportunity for their talents to flourish and in the same breath help family members by showing them different perspectives.

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