Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Technology has made children less creative than they were in the past

In the modern era, technology is regarded as a crucial factor contributing to the various aspects of our lives. One of the heated debates in this realm is associated with its impacts on adolescents. Many people adhere to the view that it has brought many disadvantages which are ruining the lives of our beloved children, while others believe that their merits overweigh their adverse facets. Ego, when it comes to my stance, by weighing up the pros and cons, I firmly hold that the advent of the technology is beneficial for young people. In what follows, I will cogently pinpoint my most conspicuous reasons to justify my point of view.

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that kids have brilliant minds, and learning how to use electronic devices improves the potentials of their brains. In the contemporary time, kids learn various skills such as cooking and doing laundry just like the children in the past. However, their early acquaintance with technical terms improves their capabilities in assorted areas in comparison to their previous generations. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. When I was seven, I was the only kid who had a computer in my class. In that time, I could not easily ask my technical problems from others because no one did not know the solution. As a result, I tried to fix them on my own by experiencing different methods. Consequently, after computers became widespread among people, my friends asked me about their troubles, and I was able to fix them immediately. Thus, not only did I learned a lot by playing with my device, but I also gained sufficient confidence in my abilities for handling unprecedented matters.

Another equally significant point to be mentioned is that the proliferation of applications that assist students in their courses is one of the decisive results of the advent of the technology. Every day, many incorporations release various mobile and computer software that can be a proper complement to the teachers and aid the kids to understand the concepts of the topics deeply. For instance, when I was in junior high school, I had trouble with the Arabic course, which made me feel miserable at school. My teacher advised me to buy a program and install it on my computer. After one month of using, its significant effects could be vividly observed as my grades raised remarkably. Thus, not only did it help me overcome my problem, but I also got the top mark of the Arabic class.

In brief, contemplating all the aforementioned reasons, one soon realizes that technology is beneficial for our young generation. This is because it improves their brain capacity by challenging their minds on solving various new problems, and it can play the role of a teacher for them and help them excel their studies.

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