Do you think people in the past were more friendly than they are today?

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Do you think people in the past were more friendly than they are today?

The modern society has witnessed a dramatic variation within the past several decades, which engenders the controversy about its impacts on people's relationship. Some people concern that people living in the current days have been less friendly with the advancement of the whole society. From my perspective, I agree with the statement since it raises valid points.

Admittedly, the vast majority of people may concern that with the advent of various high technology and the increasingly abundant educational resources, people have certainly become more friendly than before. Because they have received complete education with regard to how to be a nice person. For instance, the elementary schools set moral courses as part of compulsory curriculum, which means that people may give priority to the ethic education. Also, children can learn about the significance of harmony and politeness from a myriad of television programs or internet since there are so many videos emphasizing friendly relationship. All of these aforementioned reasons can explain why some people consider that people in modern society are increasingly friendly.

However, I oppose their opinion due to the fact that the moral courses are not closely associated with whether people are friendly. Although numerous schools have attached great significance to moral education, but seldom do people actually pay much attention to it. The examination-oriented education does not allow students to spend much time on learning how to be more polite. Instead, they are appreciated only when they gain perfect academic performance. Besides, the teachers may consider that the students can be taught by their parents about how to behave well, while they neglect the fact that children almost spend a whole day in school so that they have no time to receive family education, thus the fake emphasis on moral education cannot be treat carefully.

Needless to say, social reality has made human relationships more complex than in earlier times. In today's money-oriented world, friendships may be built on the ground of business profits, personal gains, or other hidden agendas. As a result, it is difficult to distinguish between true and fake friendships. People are gradually getting accustomed to such a modern way of making friends. In most cases, as soon as one’s purpose is satisfied, the relationship breaks down. How could a person show pure friendliness to others while wearing a smiling mask?No one is certain whether the real face behind the mask is good or evil. Thus, psychological reactions occur to people all the time, making it impossible for them to express their heartfelt feelings to others. Under this scenario, the emotional world of modern people is no longer as pure and simple as it used to be in the past, thus the smiles and friendliness cannot be seen as the true ones.

Overall, even though people now seem to be more friendly than before, none of us can ensure it is the fact. Conversely, I think people live in the past may even be more sincere.

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