Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child 5 10 years old 1 being helpful 2 Being honest 3 Being well organized

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Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child(5-10 years old)? 1.being helpful 2.Being honest 3.Being well organized

Educating young children is of importance, especially share values with them. Child is supposed to acquire valuable qualities as young as possible since they are willing to eliminate right behavior than getting order. From my point of view, among these three values, being honest is the most crucial and basic virtue.

Though being helpful is an essential value for anyone, it is not a good time to catch this quality when children are too young to offer help. Being helpful requires people do have abilities so that they can give a hand, and actually young children are someone who need help. Children at this age are usually not physically or mentally mature to comprehend complex issues or figure out feasible solutions. It can be dangerous if a child has a tendency to help with people whether they are really in trouble or mean to kidnap the child. A large number of this kind of cases happen every year. I have seen a plenty of news which said some evildoers take the young child away through pretending for help, such as asking helpful children for carrying boxes and suddenly push them into the car and quickly run away. Thus, teaching young children to recognize good and bad people in society before teaching them to be helpful is the best way to avoid danger.

As for being well organized, it will lead young child to form good habits for making work plan more efficient and stay away from making mistakes, because children learn to act flowing the precise and pre-prepared process. On the contrary, this will strongly restrict children’s free-thinking and not benefit to improve their curiosity and imagine. Actually, coming up with something fancy at this age of lives is much more significant than being well organized. Take my own experience for example, my parents did not require me to be organized since I was a child. They suggested me to attempt to think of novel ideals and do what I wanted in freedom. So, when I grow up, I am able to initiate unfamiliar approach frequently to solve problem during my daily life. Being well organized is relatively not necessary for young child.

When it comes to honesty, there is no doubt that it is the basic principle virtue. The best way to foster this value is doing everything honestly from childhood. Being honest plays an important role at any stage in life and any identity in society. As a student, honesty signifies do not lie to the teacher when you forget your assignment; as a employee, honesty stands for telling the truth to your boss that you unfinish the tasks; as a child, honesty means admit your fault in front of parents such as lose a new book. It is not a big deal with anyone but essential and indispensable.

To put it in a nutshell, although both being helpful and well organized are excellent values, being honest is the most important one to share with a young child. People can be less helpful or not organized, but being dishonest would be disastrous. Therefore, it is imperative to educate children to be honest; the earlier, the better.

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