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If you could change one important thing about your country, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answers.

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Every country has disadvantages that people want to change in their own country. My hometown is Iran. If I can change something in my country, I would change the rules. If the laws are corrected and do new laws, therefore the quality of people lives would get better.

First, changing the laws and updating them is one of the most important changes in the country. for example, Iran is a Muslim country that, under the law, father of the family, is allowed to kill his daughter. And no law will punish him. Actually, it's ridiculous, but it happened many times in my country. Last 3 months, news reported a father killed his 3 daughters at home with a knife. When the police asked him "why did you do that?" he answered: I was protecting my daughters from an evil. People expected, the government must imprison him by law. However, the judge released him because he was their father. There is no law protecting children's rights in Iran.

Second, today, animal rights are being followed around the world and there is a law to protect them, but hundreds of homeless dogs are reportedly killed by municipalities in Iran every day. Just a few weeks ago, dogs were killed in an area near the Tehran (capital city of Iran) with an injection of acid syringe. After several demonstrations, but even after popular demonstration, homeless dogs in the parks were killed by gunshots, and their bodies were found burned.

Third, we have many fault laws in Iran, the worst one is, women have to wear hijab, that is force them to wear what the government like. when women don't like to obey the government, they punish those women. Those women who do not have Islamic hijab, like, short-sleeve Mantos, who do not confirm to Islamic dress, forcefully enter the police car and make documents for them as if they had committed a bad crime. But in normal way, it is the right of every people to choose his or her own dress. nobody must not force them.

In conclusion, the law on child protection and animal protection and optional dressing are simple rules that apply in all countries, but in our country are no more than a dream. I wish I could really change the laws of my country so that the people of my land could live in peace, love and security.

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