It has recently been announced that a new restaurant may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

The new announcement that a new restaurant is going to be constructed in my neighborhood rises people's attention. Due to possible noise all day round made by this restaurant and its customers, in many people's opinion, it is not an advisable proposal. Contrary to their viewpoints is my perspective that the new restaurant can benefit people considerably, due to its contributions to providing convenience of having meals and making frequent social interaction more possible.

Among all the benefits of building a new restaurant in our neighborhood is the convenience provided for people who are too busy to cook for themselves. Citizens nowadays are leading a hustling and bustling lifestyle, and therefore restaurants with high walkability gain growing popularity among these citizens. Undoubtedly, the newly built restaurant in our neighborhood can not only deprive people living in the surroundings of the hassle of preparing meals, but also help them save a huge amount of time. For example, even though my parents are extremely busy, they have to cook every day for three meals on account of the lack of restaurants surrounded our neighborhood. I always hear from their complaints about that cooking is quite time-consuming as well as their hope for an accessible restaurant. Hence, I believe that the newly established restaurant is beneficial for my parents, since it can save quantities of their time and distract them from routine cooking.

Another primary benefit of the newly built restaurant revolves around the fact that it makes it easier for people living in the surroundings to have more social interaction with each other. It is an undisputed fact that never can two individuals maintain connected with merely occasional communication. To some extent, restaurants can function as a kind of social and vibrant platform, where residents can encounter and converse with diverse people. With constant and continuous interaction in the canteen, there is no doubt that some of them can form and keep a steady relationship and eventually become good friends. Take my friend's grandpa, once a lonely elderly, as an instance. He always has his breakfast in a local canteen and beside him, several other local people consume food there as well. With time going, the grandpa got acquainted with some of the latter and formed a firm friendship with them. As a result, the grandpa never feels lonely any more. Therefore, I believe the restaurant in our neighborhood could serve in the same way as the canteen the grandpa often goes to. In other words, the canteen can enhance interaction and keep people away from being lonely and frustrated.

Admittedly, building a restaurant in the neighborhood does have its disadvantages. For one thing, it may encourage people to lead an unhealthy life given that the food provided by the restaurant may be nutritionally-deficient, like French fries, hamburgers and fried chicken in McDonald's. In addition, people may spend much money on meals in return for the saved time owing to the relatively high cost. However, from my point of view, all these drawbacks could be addressed. One feasible solution is to balance the times eating at home or at the restaurant. What's more, to save money, people can invite their friends and share the bill together.

In a sum, though there are some minor downsides of having a new restaurant, I support to build a new one in our neighborhood in that it makes it more convenient for people to live and works as an interaction platform.

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