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The rules that the whole society today expects young people to follow are too strict.

Essay topics: The rules that the whole society today expects young people to follow are too strict.

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Young people today keep complaining that they are suffering huge pressure caused by strict society rules. In terms of these rules, they are expected to pursue the high grade in class, to hunt for the best job and even to get married before 30 years old. However, in my opinion, many of these strict rules are too strict to follow.

First of all, it is impossible for young people to be the best in all fields. Since the society has been more and more competitive, parents and teachers impose high expectation on students’ shoulders. They set strict rules for young people to achieve their goals. For example, in addition to learning math and science, young people today should also master music and art. Besides, young people today are pushed to be the so called top students who get A grades in all course. However, the rules they set are so strict to young people. From my perspective, young people at their age have right to follow their hearts. Since they are so young and have so much time, they could do whatever they like. There is no need for them to be professions in every field.

Secondly, unlike the past, society today has focused on every aspect of young people. To shed light on this, I would like to present a typical phenomenon in my country. In China, the young girls who haven’t got married before 25 years old are called “leftover lady”. Leftover lady is a kind of derogatory term, which refers to a group of ladies that nobody loves. Therefore, the society gradually set an unwritten rule that girls must get married before reaching certain age. As I see it, such rule is absurd and meaningless. On the one hand, it’s none of others’ business to interfere with young people’s marriage. On the other hand, there is not any meaning to get married so early. Thus why young people should follow these rules set by society?

What’s more, as a saying goes “no pains, no gains”. As we all know, nobody can get things for free. If a student wants to get some extra money, he has to sacrifices his spare time to do some part-time job. But if he wants to publish some paper related to his class, he has to donate his time in researching. Since time and energy is limited, he can’t get money and paper published both. However, society today doesn't consider such things in the same way. It won’t take your effort into considerations but only cares about the results you obtains. It set high rules that require you to get them both. If you don’t make it, you are to blame. Because of this, I strongly believe the rules that society expect young people to follow are too strict to follow.

To draw a conclusion, taking what I have mentioned into consideration, I can’t agree more with the statement that rules set by society today are so strict that young men can’t follow.

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