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Some parents offer their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school. Do you think this is a good idea?

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Students’ grades are the most important measurements to show their performance at school. Normally, good performance means good grades, if they study hard, they probably get ideal grades in test. Obviously, all parents want their children concentrate on study and get great grades, but how can parents motivate their children to learn? In my opinion, parents can reward their children some money, if they get good grades in tests. Following is my elaboration of my view.
Getting great grades is beneficial to the development of children in the future. Good grades at high school mean students can study a good university in some extent. As we all know, all students in china must take the college entrance examination, and the result of this examination directly determines what kind of university they can attend, which means that top students can go to top universities which may make you get a better development and find better jobs in society. So it’s important for students to get good grades. In this time, parents give their children money, which will encourage they to study harder and pay more attention on learning. Consequently, children gradually get accustomed to studying, and get great grades in a long time. So it’s necessary for parents to reward their children.
Studying how to manage money is requisite and difficult for all people in society. When children get money from their children for their grades, they have to face a problem that how use this money earned through hard study in school, just like that adults need to reasonable use their salary to make a living. Earlier to face this problem and learn how to fix it by themselves are beneficial for them to get the ability to manage money. For instance, my girlfriend writes her all expanses and money that her parents gave her at high school, which make her know exactly her own consumption so that she can manage her money well and never encountered financial problems. Unlike me, I always spent all my money early and fell into economic crisis. Overall, it’s good that parents reward their children for children’s good grades.
Admittedly, by giving children money for their high grades may cause some bad effects on children, including changing their perspective on learning that studying hard is only to get rewards. However, in a long run, children, who get rewards for the high grades, will understand the meaning of study and most of them will get fair grades which is helpful for them. Nonetheless, I believe that parents should reward their children's good results in school.

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