Some people believe that when busy parents do not have a lot of time to spend with their children the best use of that time is to have fun playing games or sports Other believe that it is best to use that time doing things together that are related to sch

No one can cast a shadow of doubt on the fact that education is an essential part of future of youth generation. One of the most contentious questions, which is often raised regarding this issue, is whether that/it is the best to utilize limited time of busy parents to do some school related work of their children coupled with(?) or not. I strongly contend that parents should be apprised(aware?) of all the details of their young children. I subscribe to the idea that there are a number of thought-provoking reasons behind this fact, which are elaborated upon hereunder.(The thesis is vague!)
First of all, one should take into account the fact that parents need to have sufficient and careful monitoring on the school related works of their young generation; that is to say, a large number of students have influential spirit (?)and they are impressed by people's mood and atmosphere who have further connection to them during the day, so they are exposed to inevitable events; it is a of great importance that children have to be under the supervision of their parents and . The noteworthy statistics, revealed by a recent psychological research conducted at the University of Tehran, show that 95 percent/the majority of young generation who are monitored by their parents could gain precious experience and achieve further success.
Another equally important point is that students are encountered with exhausting and overwhelming issues during their educational period, so they need to have some joyful and delightful time and keep away from these fruitless works. With this in mind, parents have a critical role to ameliorate some entertainment for them; they could implement some school works with each other and provide prodigious incentive. Some children would fancy for own hero on their mother or father(?), so they would like to be corroborated by their own hero. To shed light on this issue, my younger brother did not wish to do their homework and one day my father decided to help him and have some fun, all the time my father tried to persuade him to do his task simultaneously he tried to make cheerful and fulfill his pleasure,(?) in the end of the day my brother became an assiduous student.
In short, all the aforementioned reasons lead us to the conclusion that parents should have sufficient advocacy on their children.! It would be unfair not to mention the fact that if parents do not assess their children' problems and take extra care of their homework or issues, it triggers them lazy. Nevertheless, there exist a plethora of other reasons, supporting the above statement, which could be alluded to but are embraced due to the dearth of time.

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para 5: conclusion.

So how to find out those reasons. There is a formula:

reasons == advantages or

reasons == disadvantages

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