Some people enjoy taking risks and trying new things Others are not adventurous they are cautious and prefer to avoid danger Which behavior do you think is better Explain why

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Some people enjoy taking risks and trying new things. Others are not adventurous; they are
cautious and prefer to avoid danger. Which behavior do you think is better? Explain why?

People are of two categories, either conservative or adventurous. People who take risk have big dreams and are determined to reach their goals. On the contrary, another group of people do not like to get into challenging situations. Some aspects of argument are discussed below.

There are a number reasons why some people are willing to take risk. One of the reasons is that they want to promote themselves professionally. From this point, personally, after graduation from university with bachelor degree, I decided to move another country, which offered better job opportunities to educated people. This was the most important decision that I made in my life ever since. Upon my entry, I could get a scholarship from a high ranking university and kept on my education. Finally, I could find a suitable job whereby my whole life was guaranteed. Now, I feel that my dreams day by day are achieved. Therefore, my career prosperity is due to my taking risk.

Occasionally, taking risk leads us to try new experiences or to learn new skills. I recall the past memories of my high school period when my father purchased me a motor bike which was admissible for my age group and did not need a driving license. I, together with my friend, made an appointment to have a enjoyable time by driving motor bike in a remote place where there was no any potential danger. I was used to avoid dangerous maneuvers, but my friend loved to jump from elevations while riding motor bike. His bravery allowed him to become skillful in doing dramatic motions with motor bike. Since then, a friend of mine became interested in following his favorite sport. As a result, he was successful to join a popular team which participates in any championship a year. If he did not take risk, such a success would not take place to him.

Finally, I prefer to be an adventurous person and am fond of taking risk, because it inspires me to attain my dreams and most importantly it gives me a chance to learn or try new things that may be enjoyable. From above remarks I recommend anyone to have a sensible risk in his or her life.

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