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Some people suggest that it is wrong to give money to beggars asking for money on the street, while others think that it is the right thing to do. Which point of view do you think is correct, and why?

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Everyone should see the city where connect two continents to each other, Istanbul. It has an amazing historical places and great view. However, the city has a big problem about beggars. There are lots of beggars living in the streets asking for money. You can see them everywhere. There is a hot topic of debate between people that should we give beggars money or not. I am not the person who defends that we should give them money.

People can think that they have to beggar because of life's circumstances or situations, but I don't agree with that. Everyone in society should work and earn money for caring their life even if hoping to get bread and butter so we shouldn’t give them money for help because it is not fair for working people. When someone gives the money to them, obviously he/she pushes society to the dark. The main reason of my idea is that they can think, there is always a way to earn money without work and I don’t believe we help them or the life by doing that. It will cause to increasing their numbers, that’s all. For example, I have seen the news that parents use their own children for begging. It causes more trouble in the society, in my opinion.

Looking from society, giving money to beggars can also affect children badly. It can demonstrate that working is not the solution. They can think there is always a way to earn money easily. Moreover, I have seen at the news that some beggars earn thousands of money from begging but they are keeping to do that because it makes them lazy and selfish. I don’t think that instance can make our children more helpful instead of more lazy and deceptive person, so it can break social bonds and rules starting to children. If we want to help them, we should commence to find them a job instead of giving them money.

Even if life can sometimes hurt one of us, it is not the way fixing it. Giving money to them doesn’t solve the problem; in fact it will affect our society in a worse way. People should work and earn money without begging because we teach our children to do that.

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