Some teenagers take part in different kinds of activities such as musical classes sports classes and so on but others only focus on one activity which is important to them Which idea do you support

By and large, the path that people step in as teenagers can have substantial influence on their future as a grown up. The courses that teenagers take can define their characteristics as a person and pave the way for a brighter future. Some teenagers tend to participate in different activities such as sports, art and so forth, while others tend to put their heart and mind on one activity that is important for them. To the extent that my personal perspective is concerned, I accord with the first group. Among countless reasons which give adherence to, my opinion, I will delve into the most conspicuous ones in the subsequent paragraphs.
Firstly, by taking part in an array of activities teenagers provide themselves with an opportunity to have a wider perspective and find their talents more easily comparing to those who choose to focus on only one activity, for no one can find his or her fears, strengths and weakness in different fields without actually trying them out. For instance, I always thought that I don't have what it takes to become a musician, so I focused on math, on which I thought I can excel more conveniently, so I never actually tried to play a music instrument until I was 24. Never did it cross my mind to challenge myself, since I wasn't eager to leave my comfort zone. Not only music changed my personal life, but it also promoted my self-esteem and self-confidence.
Secondly, attending different courses can improve teenager's multi-tasking abilities, which can come handy in their future personal life and vacation. Companies nowadays place a premium on multitasking employees and participating in different courses can enhance the teenager's ability in this regard. This multi-tasking ability can even have substantial benefits for teenager's future life as parents. For example, I never lagged behind my peers in school even though I had lost my father in the age of 3 and we were always suffering from financial problems for my mother was always eager to keep abreast of new teaching and parenting methods and simultaneously manage the house.
Her music knowledge helped my brother to flourish his talents as a musician and her swimming ability helped me to learn swimming without paying anyone to teach us.
In short, all the aforementioned reasons and examples leads to the conclusion that should teenagers take part in different courses they will be able to promote their multitasking abilities and in the same breath explore their talents more precisely. Therefore it's much better for them to take different courses.

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