TPO-01 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support.Use specific reaso

There are myriad factor and consideration which take into that importance of sports and social activities and classes and libraries is equal so they should receive same financial support at universities and colleges. As far as I concerned according to the following reason and from my personal experiences I am of the conviction that both sports, social activities and classes and libraries should receive equal financial support. Someone can concisely wight pros and cons of each the reason for my will be explored in the following essay.
The first exquisite reason which give adherence to my viewpoint with experience is that sports and social activities is important because when student go to the universities and colleges they don't only go for study they want to gain experience about life to make them fit sports is needed because when student is fit only than they can study better and for social activities help them in may way which the help of it they can be more open with people which can help them in future job to be open with other employs. My experiences is the best example for this in my collage time I am not very open type person I hesitate to speak with people so I try to avoid every one by reading books and because of my shay nature I did not go to play sports when I get job this became my big problem I can not talk my other co-workers I take me so much time to learn this I really wish If my collage makes us focus in this other activity.
Apart from the fact mention above one should consider another subtle point meticulously pretending to be regarding with huge experience the noteworthy refreshing statistic reveled by a recently social research conducted in my country in which majority of people agree with that sports and social activities are as much as important as study and libraries in collage and universities to shade more light in this according to the research done in Delhi university that student that much in to sports are more good in class too because with the help of sports student is fit and when he fit he can study much more and sport and student which are in social activities are more success in compare to how don't into it as this make good impression in people.
Admittedly, Someone can justification to other side by saying that collage and universities is for study and sports, social activities can distract student from study this should not be count as equal and not give equal financial support but I still affirm with that both sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries.
In summary, by all the affirmation above one should consider that universities and colleges in need to give equal financial support for both sports, social activities and classes and libraries because both are important for student.

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