TPO-06 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, with advancement of technology, the human’s life makes easier than before, and those of progresses are product some facilities to feel comfortable in our life. In my opinion, these things have some different positive and negative points, which I would like discuss about them.

First, that’s true the grower up of technology change the qualities of people life than whatever they were but, the problem is, in the past people are more calm and relax than now. They have never thinks about the economy or other countries politic, they just working a lot and they were thinking about how they can succeed on their agriculture and farming. But nowadays, in 2018, people faced on too much stress level and sometimes they could not control it. For example, my grand papa is 93 years old, and he always sleepy and he never thinks about the news, but my father is a businessman and most of the time, he’s checking the news of about gold rate, and very greedy when the prices go down. But my grandfather does not matter at all to him, he spoke many of his past before Alzheimer’s took, he said that, he was young, he woke up at 5 am and went to the garden, and at 5 pm his workers would go back to their house before the darkness because they had to go back along way and if some animals attacked them and they got injured they died, because of the lack of health. Or the pregnant women while they were working, they would be on labor in the middle of the garden and it depended on them some of them give birth and some of them died. He always told me; you and your family live in complete relaxing, but we were always afraid of everything that happened around us. But I don’t understand why in this era of progress and technology and grateful medical stuffs my mother died of cancer? I think the answer of my question is the subject of my next discussion.

Second, any technological advancement also has its own disadvantages, that never been before, including radio waves and radioactivity. Radioactivity is a part of our earth - it has existed all along. Naturally occurring radioactive materials are present in its crust, the floors and walls of our homes, schools, or offices and in the food we eat and drink. There are radioactive gases in the air we breathe. Our own bodies - muscles, bones, and tissue - contain naturally occurring radioactive elements. We also receive exposure from man-made radiation, such as X-rays, radiation used to diagnose diseases and for cancer therapy. And I’m as a doctor I know that, the effects of radiation at high doses and dose rates are harmful. A very large dose delivered to the whole body over a short time will result in the death of the exposed person within days. The uses of radiation and nuclear techniques in medicine, industry, agriculture, energy and other scientific and technological fields has brought tremendous benefits to society. The benefits in medicine for diagnosis and treatment in terms of human lives saved are enormous. Radiation is a key tool in the treatment of certain kinds of cancer.

In conclusion, even our life is much more comfortable than before, this is also having some disadvantages too, but I hope scientists invent something that is not harmful to any creatures. And I hope that the examples given above have sufficiently expressed my opinion.

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So how to find out those reasons. There is a formula:

reasons == advantages or

reasons == disadvantages

for example, we can always apply 'save time', 'save/make money', 'find a job', 'make friends', 'get more information' as reasons to all essay/speaking topics.

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