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TPO 15 – task 2: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?In Order to become financially responsible adults, the children should learn to manage their own money at a young age.

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It is a fact that every person has to learn financial responsibilities in life. Children's age is the perfect age where they can easily learn all the financial responsibilities and related facts. Some argue that it is beneficial for children to become financially independent. While others hold the different idea that children have a lot many other responsibilities at this age, and so, it is not suitable for them to add more stress at this age. From my perspective, the former view carries more weight. I take the position on account for the following reasons.
Primarily, taking financial responsibility is beneficial in countless ways for children at an early age. This experience, in my point of view, would be very useful for them in the future and assist them to prosper their future as they enter into adulthood. Although reading many articles and taking a class of account and management, only through active participation in the work, and society would help the children to learn about financial importance. I am a compelling example of this. I started working in an accounting firm because of my parents insisted me to start work before going to university. I worked there for a year in that company. Afterward, when I started going to university, I have realized the value of the money. On top of that, I stopped taking money from my parents, and I have become financially independent which could not be possible without my job. Hence, I have never able to gain financial independence if I would not have started working at a young age.
Furthermore, children would be aware of rules and regulations about the business at an early age. They can able to distinguish between bad from good easily which would be beneficial for them when they will actually start their professional work. To illustrate this more, My brother acquired a summer job at my uncle's wood workshop. They have made a deal together that he supposed to pay my brother $300 per week, however, my uncle did not pay him single penny intentionally to teach him a lesson. My brother learned a lesson from the experience that it is always necessary to proceed for the written agreement before making a partnership with anyone. Consequently, he has learned other useful information regarding the business by working at my uncle's workshop.
Finally, it is crystal clear that the children who govern their own money would also learn to survive in unfavorable economic situation. Nowadays, due to some natural disasters like earthquake and flooding, people have to face a financial crisis. In such a situation, it becomes really important that people would manage their money wisely. Therefore, if teenagers will start working somewhere at a young age, they will be definitely gain the ability to govern their own money in the financial crisis.
All in all, I strongly believe that teaching children how to control their money is essential for their future. This is because it helps them to understand the value for money and it makes them financially independent.

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