TPO-20 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Successful people try new things and take risks rather than only doing what they know how to do well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

From Ancient to present days, victory is only accomplish if you have dared to attempt risk in your life. Also, in studying the biography and auto-biography of numerous successful people in present day refer their success as a result of continuous hard-work and taking risk. As far as i m concerned, heterodox bid and headstrong belief in taking risk define success in successful people's life as they love taking risk for lesson, recreational purpose and social evolution.

First of all, people who strive on trifle things brings' the same result and people who aims risk might cause harm and failure but eventually ensue success. Successful people learns from their mistake. Moreover, they also get encouraged and motivated in seeking adventure in life. Every successful people have a sad story lags behind him as he experiments his life with risk. He might gets fail but he learns lesson which will always stay in his mind as a tempting clock not to repeat the same mistake again. For example, I had taken a risk in endeavoring a new project which was not consider by professor as topic, as a result it was not accepted by my teacher but he applaud me in front of all student in attempting new research in class. In trying risk might not spark a good result but will adds a path for further success in life.

Secondly, Prosperous people love recreational activities. People has interest in taking fun and excitement while trialing risk and adventure. Doing different things is also fun and exciting as nobody knows what's the consequences it brings'. We can learn variety of different things and experience precious moment which are of course lacks in daily life routine. For an instance, most of the successful people are humorous as they exercised their mind and thinking ability with fun and adventure which in turn motivate them to focus on their project.

Finally, successful people as by trying risk reinforce them seek innovation of social evolution, if they had not effort of taking risk than there might not have developed technologies in world. For example, Brother Wright's attempt to fly on sky by taking a risk of their own life for the first time which add reward to the evolutionary change in world. Thus, taking risk is a manifestation of success.

In conclusion, Successful people were never got victory if they had not thought beyond one's mind which is venturing risk in life. Hence, taking risk in life is very useful as it helps people for gaining life-long lesson, fun and social evolution.

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Line 3, column 584, Rule ID: BEEN_PART_AGREEMENT[2]
Message: Consider using a past participle here: 'considered'.
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...endeavoring a new project which was not consider by professor as topic, as a result it w...
Line 3, column 669, Rule ID: HE_VERB_AGR[1]
Message: The pronoun 'he' must be used with a third-person verb: 'applauds'.
Suggestion: applauds
...t was not accepted by my teacher but he applaud me in front of all student in attemptin...
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Message: The verb 'will' requires the base form of the verb: 'add'
Suggestion: add
... might not spark a good result but will adds a path for further success in life. ...
Line 5, column 207, Rule ID: EN_CONTRACTION_SPELLING
Message: Possible spelling mistake found
Suggestion: what's
...s also fun and exciting as nobody knows whats the consequences it brings. We can lear...

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