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TPO-25 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Young people nowadays do not give enough time to helping their communities.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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It is well known during the history of humanity that younger generations are the valuable treasures of every society. History has witnessed plenty of young heroes or groups who were capable of bringing dramatic changes to an entire nation's life. Although many people might believe that the new young generation has a different attitude toward the community and plays a faint role in the society's life in comparison to the youngsters in the past, I would argue that young people are still one of the significant driving powers in the community.

Firstly, young people have more energy and incentives in comparison to the older people. It would definitely be quite difficult for an older person who is involved in his own career and has many responsibilities to be active in helping the community as much as younger people are. For instance, as I was in college, I was part of a group of young students named "Helpers"! We were seeking to find students from poor families in deprived areas who needed help for their school assignments. The task of the group members was to find at least five students per semester and teach them every school course they needed. It was a huge amount of work to identify students, talk to their parents and teach a variety of high school courses, but were able to keep on with it only since we were energetic and enthusiastic in what we were doing.

Furthermore, young people mostly have an idealist perspective and living in a perfect society is a part of their target. They are ambitious to have their own specific definition of the society. For example, as a young person, I really believe that I have the responsibility to help those who need my help. For instance, the core idea in our college group for teaching poor children was to fight many problems in the roots. To help a child find and develop his/ her real potentials and to stop him/her being deprived of education for financial reasons. Teaching was what we were good at and we were looking at it as a responsibility to help our community develop and become a better place to live.

Finally, compared to older generations, young people connect to a wider range of social networks. In addition, modern technology, such as social networks has created a new type of media for mostly younger people to demonstrate their ideas and make positive contributions. Helping community is not limited anymore. Different internet campaigns prove that young generations are trying to be effective in their societies in their own ways! For instance, we had an internet website and a Facebook page to introduce our group and attract other students to become a member or donate money, books etc. Indeed, the broad network of our friends in the real world and on the internet helped us to raise money, help more children, and be more effective in our community.

To sum up, based on the arguments explored above and my personal experience, I believe that since young people are usually more active and energetic, have more idealistic points of view about life and connect to a variety of people, make a significant contribution to their communities’ progress and development.

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