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TPO 28 Task 2Do you agree or disagree the following statement: Parents today are involved more in the education of their kids than those in the past.

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Education is the most important part of our life and parents have been playing a pivotal role to educate the children. Also, at the dawn of civilization, it becomes a necessity for the parents to educate their children. Some argue that parents do not give attention to their children's education today than before. While others have the opposite idea that parents have more concern for their children's studies at present days. From my perspective, the latter view carries more weight. I take the position on account for the following reasons.

Primarily, in the twenty-first century, everything has been changed gradually with time. There is no doubt that today, parents are more educated than in the past and it is the one reason that the children are provided with all the required facilities for their education. For instance, when I was in the high school, my parents have tried their best to provide all the necessary facilities which I wanted for my education and thereby, I could be able to finish my graduation with good grades. On the other side, my mother was forced to leave her education in high school because my grandfather studied till grade 4th and could not realize the importance of education at that time. Thus, parents assist their children in their education and provide a suitable life required for their studies.

Furthermore, nowadays, people are aware of the importance of education. Our grandparents did not complete their education and that is the reason, they did not give much preference to the education. On the other hand, today, most of the parents are educated, so they know that giving education to their children is crucial to compete in very high competitions. For instance, my father used to tell me that his grandfather did not aware about his education and my grandfather has never helped my father in his homework or assignments. However, nowadays, it is quite common that parents spend their time with children in order to give them proper guidance for education.

Finally, at the dawn of technological development, the competitions among children have been increased in order to get good grades in the schools and the universities. Parents have already gone through the same situation so; they can guide their children in a better way. Also, they do not want their children would face any difficulties in searching for a job in the future. Therefore, they always try to support their children in a matter of education.
To sum up, because of increasing awareness, educated parents, and the good economic and social situations, parents of today are taking better care of their kids’ education than parents in the past.

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