TPO-34 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cell phone, online games, and social networking Web site.U

There is no doubt that the education and technology are very important and they compatible each other at many ways. However, I agree that the recent technology has affected they study in a negative way contrary to what was expected. Someone can weigh the pros and cons of each side. The explanation is going to be as follows.

First of all, the massive influence of technology has affected all the world. Affected the old and the young. In addition to that the variety of applications between the games application or entertainment applications attract large quantity of children. Normally, the students will leave their study in order to have some fun on playing by video games.

Furthermore, the recent educational system becomes very boring and it depend on repeating, there are no creativity or positive addition to enhance the quality of education or make the study more interesting. So, the students feel boring very quickly and they leave their studies to play on cell phone or making chats with their friends. For example, when I was at secondary school, the subjects were very heavy and boring and I was could not endured to stay studying more than two hours. The internet and chatting rooms were very appealing to me, all of that affected my study and finally l have got very low degrees at the end of the year.

Finally, I think that the parents make a pressure in their kids to let them study. They shooting and screaming always to force them to attend their lectures or doing their homework. It is known that the tough way always has a bad impact on the children and the youngsters. In order to that, the children may lie on their parents and going to play. For instance, my dad used to screaming in my brother because he plays all the time by cell phone, so, in order to make dad stop screaming he close the room on himself and begins to playing more and more.

To sum up, due to the aforementioned reasons, all bulk should keep in mind that the widespread of internet and technology with the traditional way of education will lead to push the student away from their studying. Indeed, it is a big problem and the government and the Ministry of Education must find a way to solve it. They can contact with the experience in the education system to improve the recent education system to attractive one.

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Line 1, column 185, Rule ID: IN_A_X_MANNER[1]
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...cent technology has affected they study in a negative way contrary to what was expected. Someone ...
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Message: Possible typo: apostrophe is missing. Did you mean 'games'' or 'game's'?
Suggestion: games'; game's
...the variety of applications between the games application or entertainment applicatio...
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Suggestion: depends
...ional system becomes very boring and it depend on repeating, there are no creativity o...
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Suggestion: endure
...ry heavy and boring and I was could not endured to stay studying more than two hours. T...

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