TPO-44 - Integrated Writing Task In 1957 a European silver coin dating to the eleventh century was discovered at a Native American archaeological site in the state of Maine in the United States. Many people believed the coin had been originally brought to

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The reading passages states some reasons of why some archaeologists believe that the coins is not a genuine historical evidence but just a historical fake and it gives three arguments. However, the professor explains that many studies proved that coins were not fake but have a genuine evidence and the professor refutes of each of the author reasons.

Firstly, the reading claims that because the great distance between the Maine site and the Norse settlements in Canada is bigger than one thousands kilometers and the coins has no connection with the settlements. But the professor refutes this point by saying that the travelers at these days used to bring valuable objects during their travel.

Secondly, the reading passage poses that there were not any coins found and suggests that the North did not bring any silver coins with them during their journey to North American Settlements. However, the professor says that the some coins were already backed to America but when the North was returning back to Europe, they have took the coins with them again.

Thirdly, the reading passage says that there were not any use for European Coins as the North whom traveled would known that silver coins would mostly be unnecessary for them. But the professor opposes this point by explaining that most of the North Native America was used the silver coins in making necklace and Jewelries because of their appealing view and they did not trade with them.

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