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TPO-43 - Independent Writing Task Imagine that you are in a classroom or a meeting. The teacher or the meeting leader says something incorrect In your opinion, which of the following is the best thing to do?-Interrupt and correct the mistake right away-Wa

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Speak in public can be considered one of the most uncomfortable tasks. Even those who are used to it, like teachers or meeting leaders, eventually get nervous and say incorrect or inaccurate information while talking in front of a class or an audience. In light of this, in instead of interrupt their line of thought right away, this essay will talk about why I think is politer to wait for the best moment to talk and make your point.
First, it is not because someone say something incorrect in my opinion that this information is, in fact, incorrect. Maybe there is a deep research behind it, and interrupt someone right away might cause an embarrassing situation if the person who interrupted is actually wrong. I remember when I was in a literature lecture in college and a student interrupted a specialist about the author Bertolt Brecht. The specialist was talking about Brecht’s life and according to the student, he said something wrong about Brecht’s father. However, the specialist ended saying that he traveled to Germany and studied his life for more than 6 years, which caused an embarrassing moment for the student and for the whole lecture by itself.
Second, when we are speaking, a lot of thoughts come into our mind at the same time. It is not only because someone said something wrong that the person meant to it. When I was in high school, our teacher was organizing group-work and said that in a class of 30 students, we should create 7 groups of 4. For some reason, two students missed the class on that day, and all the groups were formed. However, my group remembered of our missing friends, and in instead of talk to the teacher and reorganize the whole class again, we waited until the end of the class and kindly asked if our friends could join our group, quickly solving the problem.
As last, speak in public is something that requires focus and preparation, and a teacher or a meeting leader probably had to prepare their class or speech before. Something unexpected in the middle of the speech can cause a break on the flow, as well as force the speaker to detour the previously prepared planning. When I watched my first TED, the lecturer was interrupted by someone in the audience. As we know, TED speakers have few minutes to give the whole lecture, and due to the question, she had to apologize because she did not have enough time to say everything she planned.
To sum up, interrupting the speaker can not only cause an uncomfortable moment for the person, but also spoil speech’s planning and make the person lose its line of thought, and these are few of several reasons why I think is better to wait until the class or meeting is over to talk to the teacher or speaker.

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