TPO-49 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The ability to maintain friendships with a small number of people over a long period of time is more important for happiness than the ability to make many new friends

Everyone has to have friends during their life, who people can share happiness, sorrow with. Relationship establishment has been a global burning issue for many years. Some people say that it is more important to sustain small number of people as friends to gain happiness rather than making new friends. Personally, I strongly disagree with this statement.
First and foremost, what I put in my priority is skills development. The fact is that when people get into a new environment, they will meet a lot of other people. There is a likelihood that these people possess different characteristics and hobbies. Therefore, in order to make new friends, it is necessary for them to communicate and break the ice. Accordingly, it goes without saying that their communication skills will be significantly improved. Since they not only make new friends but also develop their skills, there is a strong probability that they will feel a lot happier. Without doubt, skills development is the important reason why making new friends plays an important role in increasing self-enjoyment.
Secondly, work efficiency is undoubtedly of paramount importance. It is widely known that when people first get a new job, they will have some problems. Making new friends is likely to make life easier since there is a high chance that they have already experienced these issues. Therefore, people are likely to receive empathy and valuable advices to overcome the hardships. Accordingly, it can be assured that their work efficiency will be substantially enhanced. Given that condition, their self-enjoyment will be increasingly improved. With no doubt, making new friends is a major factor contributing to people’s happiness.
On the other hand, some people might say that maintaining a small number of friends, people will feel happier since they understand each other and share the same hobbies. Therefore, establishing new relationships will critically affect people self-enjoyment. However, this opinion is not always true. In fact, when time flies, there is a likelihood that people’s characteristics will change. People may not share the same hobbies with their friends anymore and there is even arguments between them. Furthermore, making new friends, people are likely to know more about the surrounding world. Each person have specific advantages, majors; therefore, people are able to improve their knowledge on these subjects when they hang out together. Given that condition, they can assure that they will be really enjoyed. Beyond any doubt, the idea that making new friends will harm people’s happiness is often possible to end in collapse.
In conclusion, skills development and working performance are the convincing reasons for my assumption that making new friends helps people to gain happiness rather than maintain few people for a long time. It is highly recommended that readers should take my writing into close consideration.

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... strongly disagree with this statement. First and foremost, what I put in my pri...
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... some people might say that maintaining a small number of friends, people will feel happier since...
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... hobbies with their friends anymore and there is even arguments between them. Furthermore, making new f...
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...bout the surrounding world. Each person have specific advantages, majors; therefore,...

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