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TPO28- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Parents today are more involved in their children's education than parents were in the past.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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It has been a controversial topic whether parents today are more involved in their children's education than were parents in the past. As for me, I agree with the statement, and below are my reasons.

First of all, parents care about money, and modern parents possess more money so that they can invest in their children's education. For example, the average Taiwanese parents earn around 200,000 NT dollars per month, meaning they do have some extra money to cultivate their children. They will bring their kids to cram schools for further intensive academic education. Also, they will take their children to violin or piano classes. Apparently, parents nowadays do have more budget on their children's education. On the other hand, 20 years ago, people in Taiwan were not rich enough. The average salary for every family is only about 50,000 NT dollars. Parents had to use their salary to pay the rent, and purchase groceries. Therefore, parents in the past did not have a sufficient budget for their children's education.

In addition, parents today have fewer kids than parents in the past, so they are able to pay more attention to their kids' educational activities. For instance, I am the only child in my family, so my mom put a lot of effort into educating me about different kinds of knowledge. I went to a private primary school because my mom wanted her only child to have ^ English class taught by native speakers. Evidently, I possess a lot of education resources from parents because I am the only child. On the contrary, when my mom was young, since she had seven other siblings, their parents did not care too much about their education. My grandfather had to try his best to earn a living for eight kids, not to mention their education. As a result, parents in the past were not involved in their kids' education because there were too many kids for them to look after.

Last but not the least, parents nowadays place more emphasis on their fame than parents in the old days, so they are involved in their children's educational affairs in order to maintain their good fame. For example, in Taiwan, some parents will punish their kids if they do not get good grades because they want their children to be doctors or lawyers in the future so that they can tell neighbors that they have successful sons or daughters. In contrast, two decades ago, Taiwan was in an economic recession, all parents cared were if they could survive tomorrow. They did not have further effort on how to earn a decent reputation by educating their kids. Evidently, parents in the old days did not focus on their kids’ education since they had more important issues to concern.

To conclude, it is obvious that parents today are more dedicated to their children's education. After all, modern parents make more money, modern parents have fewer kids, and modern families are concerned about their reputation more than parents in the past.

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