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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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In contemporary society, many people are struggling with managing their life because complex things make them feel anxious. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, it is necessary for modern people to be able to plan and organize their life.

First of all, complex life is associated with more workload in people's lives, and knowing how to plan and organize becomes crucial for people. To be more specific, many people have difficulty managing and prioritizing their heavy works, so they always have to work overtime, and they end up having depression. At this point, time management is important for them. Prioritizing their tasks by triaging items with different deadlines or listing a to-do list is a handy solution for modern people. A famous British youtuber Ali always share his effective ways of studying so that he can study in medical school, a heavy workload major, and learn other habits such as playing piano at the same time. He even gets A plus at every semester.

In addition, complicated life means people have more social life than they had in the past, and mastering to plan and structuring their life will be beneficial for them. To further elaborate, nowadays people have more social events such as participating in different kinds of workshops, joining study groups or hanging out with pals. However, they also have to do other things as well, and planing their social life gets essential to modern people. One of my friends, Julie, owns a company and she still can participate in many social events even though she has to take care of her children at the same time. We all call her "have it all" women. And she shares her ways of having a lot of things at the same time is to organize her schedule and be more productive at every event. From her example, we can know the importance of planning people's life.

Lastly, complex modern life refers to an unhealthy lifestyle, and people have to learn how to plan and schedule their life in order to own health and happy days. To clarify that, modern people sometimes work overtime, sometimes have an irregular diet, and all the bad habits will lead to illness. Therefore, people have to plan their working schedule and healthy diet to keep life wonderful. Take myself for example, I used to work in a startup, and I had to work from day to night. I forgot to eat and do exercise all the time, and I ended up finding I lost weight and became really unhealthy. When noticing this issue, I started to set alarms to remind me of eating lunch and registered a gym to work out regularly. After a couple of months, I felt I was healthier, and I realized how important it was for modern people to plan their life.

To conclude, it is really vital for modern people to organize their life, especially when their lives are really unhealthy, full of social life, and works.

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