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TPO33-When teachers assign projects on which students must work together, the students learn much more effectively than when they are asked to work alone on projects

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People hold different opinions on whether group projects can help student learn more effectively than projects done by one person. Opponents would hold the points that group projects is wasting time and thus will not help students to learn effectively. However, as for me, I agree with the statement and my reasons are as follows.

First of all, effective learning means students can learn faster, and group project can help students to learn faster. For example, when I studied Marketing mid-term with my group members, we would separate different topics to each member. I would be in charge of public relationship, and the other one would be responsible for online media section. Each of member then would sum up the important parts and shared to group members. Through this cooperation, I could memorize important marketing concepts faster and comprehend the topics efficiently, and I usually did not have to take a lot of time and got good grades in marketing exam.

In addition, learning effectively is associated with better understanding, and projects where students work together allows students have better understanding. For instance, when I had Python programming group assignments with my teammate, we usually discussed the course concept together. Sometimes I could help my member to understand the new models, and sometimes my friends would explain difficult principles for me. In the end, our group got A plus in Python course. On the other hand, when I studied the other programming course, Javascript, on my own, I could only find solutions on my own if I met some bugs or problems. In the end, I did not got good grade.

Last but not least, students can learn more effectively if they focus on study more, and doing projects with classmates can help students be more concentrated on their study. When I was in high school, I had a Biology project with the student who was ranked first in class. She was so dedicated to the Biology project that I had to end up studying hard with her all the time. Nonetheless, I found I could focus more on Biology when working with her because she always forced me to stay focus.

To conclude, I believe that students can learn much more effectively when they have group projects because they can learn faster, they can have better understanding, and they will stay focus.

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