which education do you prefer, online or by attending school?

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which education do you prefer, online or by attending school?

School is considered as a temple of education and teachers as God. Well it totally depends on the intelligence level and interest of an individual to decide about the medium of study. For instance, a person not good at computers cannot think of going for online education. I would prefer to study in a classical way by attending school.

The school environment helps you become social and behave well in public. It helps to maintain the integrity of the society. Online education has just one benefit that you don't have to commute, but does not become superior in any aspect to traditional way of education.These days there are many public and private schools in residential areas. So travelling is nomore a major concern. Also the availability of public transport has made it a way easier. There are many benefits of on campus learning. We come across people from various communities which helps you understand the diversified culture. During free lectures or after school we have an opportunity to play outdoor games, which helps us keep healthy and refreshes our mind.

Talking about the quality of education, it can be achieved best at the school. Teachers make you understand the concepts using black board and face to face interaction. This interaction has a major role. At times if the concept is too difficult to understand teacher can personally sit with the student and help them out. Coming to research study, we need the laboratory to carry out research. You cannot achieve it online. Like consider a concept of chemistry which involves synthesis of certain medicine or physics concept where you need to understand about light, these things cannot be studied sitting at home. We need to perform experiments for the same to get a better understanding.

Online education requires a good internet connection which cannot be obtained in all the areas. It even involves investment, whereas public schools provide free education. You can become a master in technology by studying online but what if you want to become a doctor or a teacher? We need the availability of models and laboratories for the same. The most important reason i do not prefer to study online is, sitting hours in front of computers or television affects your eye sight. Also sitting for a long time causes health disorder like spondylitis. You get an incomplete education with number of physical as well as mental disturbances.

To sum up, I believe the traditional way of education helps you to become a responsible and cultured human being.

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