Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child (5-10 years old)?1.Being helpful2.Being honest3.Being well organized

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Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child (5-10 years old)?
1.Being helpful
2.Being honest
3.Being well organized

It is inevitable that adults having a lot of abilities want to let the children know. Hence, it raises the question that what is the most important value to teach the children first. I hold the belief that being well organized is the most useful ability for the young children.

First, the young child should learn how to be well organized because this can help them to get the good score in the school. To elaborate, the children who enter the school for the first time will confuse about studying methods. If we can share the idea about well-organized with them early, they might have better performance in academic firstly, causing them to gain more confidence in studying. Take myself for example. When I was an elementary school student, our teacher taught the ability about the organization in the first class. She encouraged us to cultivate the habit of regular studying and sleeping time. Besides, the teacher also inspired us to strike the balance between the studying and the outdoor activities. All these methods assisted me to understand how to arrange my time well, which was the main reason why I could always pass the test with flying color.

Furthermore, well organized also can help the young child plan their life career early. As the old Chinese saying goes, preparing early is the first step to success. This old saying is also valid in the modern society. Take my friend Jimmy for instance. When he was the young child, he could manage the schedule well. He liked to play the piano, so he would plan that how many days should he learned to play a new song? Additionally, he also would stimulate himself by attending many contests and set the long-term target of his piano's ability. By these organizations, he becomes the famous musician in Taiwan now. Once he told me that without those comprehensive plans, he might not grow up into the successful musician.

Many people may argue that being helpful and being honest are also important to the children. If they don't have the high moral standard, they could not develop into an excellent adult. However, I insist that personality should be cultivated in the daily life. The children cannot learn those value well only by sharing. Therefore, sharing the information about the well-organized is more effective. On the contrary, we can teach the ability of being helpful and honest by many examples happening in children lives.

In conclusion, I take the position that we should share the value about well-organized with the young child because it not only can help them be confident at their early stage studying but also can assist them to plan their life earlier. On the other hands, we can teach children becoming helpful and honest in their daily life.

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