Which would you choose a higher paid job with long hours or an average paid job with normal work hours Explain your choice using specific reasons and details

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Which would you choose: a higher paid job with long hours or an average paid job with normal work hours?

Explain your choice, using specific reasons and details.

In terms of employment opportunities, all candidates should keep in mind that sloppy decision-making can get punished swiftly. When referring to what kind of job should we choose, some applicants, especially those who have been eager to improve the life standard and accumulate credits needed for promotion, may consider a high-paying job with long hours as a wise option. However, from my perspective, I prefer to choose a job requiring less working hours, regardless of meager income, because less salary will lead to less pressure and more private time, which is conducive to the health and well-being of individuals.

Admittedly, some people might concern that intense competition from seeking and securing high-paying jobs can promote their professional capabilities. Especially for the young people, moving out of comfort zone and accepting responsibilities for the escalating ambition might allow youngsters to reflect on their personal values. Just like a powerful stimulus, high salary may motivate them to struggle for bigger achievements. Psychologically speaking, they are trying to demonstrate the truth that they deserve what they receive. In this way, their competence can be fully enhanced by the heavy pressure and tight schedule. Therefore, the aforementioned reasons may account for why the vast majority of people prefer to a high paid job in spite of tough workload.

However, although high income may result in the progress of professional skills, I am definitely in preference of an average paid job with normal work hour since high salary is often accompanied by high pressure and risk at work, which can undermine people’s health. In modern society, a considerable number of people are lied in a fast-paced life and have been deprived of time of rest. In consequence, they may suffer a lot from sleeplessness and headache. For instance, statistics show that people under heavy workload have a higher risk of heart diseases and hypertension, which dramatically threatens the lifespan of modern white collar class in large cities. Furthermore, in some cases, unable to put up with tough tension, some people may go to extremes, and even commit suicide. Conversely, if working with relatively low salary but less pressure, I can ensure my mental health. Therefore, I am more willing to choose a job with normal work ours without considering the salary.

What’s more, a less intensive occupation means more private time, thus we can accompany our family members frequently. Being with a family is a happiness that far outweighs any success achieved at work. Undeniably, nothing is more pleasing than cooking and dinning with our families because home encompasses the richest sources of happiness in our whole life. For instance, a sense of fulfillment gained from taking the family on vacation should be stronger than that gained from a fruitful but tiring business trip. Hence, it is imperative to squeeze out enough time to stay with our families, whether it be hanging out together after dinner or watching television at home. All of these can be achieved by a job which allows adequate free time, and that’s why I prefer a job with normal working hours in spite of meager income.

In sum, although people may concern that a high-paying job can contribute to improvements of themselves, I still prefer a job with comparatively lower income but normal working time due to the fact that it can provide me more spare time as well as less pressure.

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