In 1587, the English sent a group of settlers to Roanoke to establish a colony in North America. After returning from a trip to Europe, the Governor of this settlement, John White, found that the entire English colony had disappeared. This disappearance h

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In 1587, the English sent a group of settlers to Roanoke to establish a colony in North America. After returning from a trip to Europe, the Governor of this settlement, John White, found that the entire English colony had disappeared. This disappearance has been the subject of great debate. But, it is no longer a mystery; we now know that the settlers did not disappear but instead relocated to the Island of Croatoa.

First, when White returned he found the word “Croatoa” carved onto a piece of wood. The governor had told the colonists that if they encountered any trouble while he was away, to leave a message indicating where they had gone. This sign indicates that the settlers did not disappear mysteriously but rather relocated to the Croatoan Island. Unfortunately, White’s ship was damaged during his return, so he could not travel to the island to check if the settlers were there.

Second, many English artifacts have been found on Croatoa supporting the idea that the settlers from Roanoke simply relocated to the island. Specifically, a ring was found on the Croatoan Island that can be directly linked back to an Englishman. The only way that this ring could have made its way to the island was if it was brought there by one of the English settlers from Roanoke during their relocation.

Third, when search parties finally arrived on the Croatoan Island to look for the Roanoke settlers, they did not find any but did find that the indigenous inhabitants possessed European characteristics. They had light hair and blue eyes, traits not associated with the natives of North America. The peoples of Croatoa could only have attained these characteristics through intermarriage with the English settlers from Roanoke, providing more conclusive evidence that they relocated to Croatoa.

The article states that the did not dissapear but instead relocated on the island of croatoa and that this is no mystery anymore. The speaker however disagrees with the author by saying that the solution to this puzzle is not still found and that the article gives weak reasons which could be dismissed easily.

First, the article states that when Wite returned he found the word Croatoa carved into a piece of wood. Given the fact that he told them to leave a message if they encountered any trouble, this is a clear evidence of where they have gone. But the speaker oppses to this notion by stating that the leaving of a sign did not make any sense whereas they were told to move to the interior of the country if they encountered any trouble because there would be more safety. The croatoa island on the other hand, is situated in the exact opposite direction.

Second, the article avers that many english artifacts have been found on croatoa which proves the idea of relocation. The lecturer refutes to this point by saying that the artifacts were no proof of settlement and that they simply could have been the result of a trade. It was not uncommon to trade food and other supplies under harsh conditions with the croatoa island.

Finally, the article asserts that the native’s possession of european charachteristics provides conculsive proof for the idea of relocation. The lecturer argues against this point by claiming that the light hair and blue eyes of the inhabitants could be because of the intermarriage with englishmen, she continues to explain that these characteristics have been found nearly 100 years later and the english colony has sent many groups over the years to establish its foothold and any one of these groups could have had iterbreeded with native inhabitants.

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