basic principles of the doctrine of phrenology

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basic principles of the doctrine of phrenology

The reading explains that the basic principles of the doctrine of phrenology are supported by many scientist and they have tried to advance it as a science. On the contrary, the professor posits that actually phrenology is not a real science. He contradicts this point by saying that it is a big mistake to think the size of the brain has any connection to the intelligence of a person. He states that there are some people that gain large success in their lives, however; the size of their brains is not large. On the other hand, the opposite took place for many others, for instance there are some people who are intellectually worse, although they have large brains.

The lecturer emphasize on some parts of the reading about Gall's theory on localization. Like Gall He supports the idea that different part of the brain have different function. He made the point that experiments prove this viewpoint that there is a relation between an injury in one part of the brain and the disability that occurs in the individuals' body after that.

The professor illustrates that, as Gall's belief we do not have a general mental power, instead there are several different power for one's brain, as a result there will be multiple forms of intelligence for one person.

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The lecturer emphasize on
The lecturer emphasizes on

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