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In this set of materials, both the reading passage and the lecture discussed genetically modified trees and their effects on related parts of the world. The article firmly stated that globally planting genetically modified trees in large scale has many benefits. However, the lecture repudiated what stated in the reading resting upon fallacious premises and provides three counterclaims proofing that it might produce serious problems if people try it out in that large scale.

Firstly, the reading argued that as new types of trees are designed to be harder than traditional ones, they will survive better in case of any problem occurred. The lecture contradicted this point by acknowledging that it is very probable for the plants in general to attack by an unknown virus or infection and as all the genetically modified trees are similar to each other, all will wipe out suddenly. He pointed out that in nature for the sake of genetic diversion that has been widespread among trees; probably some individual trees might survive and ensure the existence of other types in coming years.

Secondly, the reading claimed that planting genetically modified trees would have some economic benefits. Notwithstanding, the professor highlighted that as farmers have to pay some companies for buying that special seeds, moreover, because of some laws they are not able to reproduce the plant by collecting their seeds for next year, actually all the time they have to spend money.

Lastly, the reading passage contended that planting the aforementioned trees would save the endangered native trees in some ways. This seemed to be incorrect as explained in the lecture. The speaker articulated that unfortunately the result would be opposite. The professor explained that as genetically modified trees will grow aggressively, native trees have to compete with them for their resources like soil, sunlight, water etc.; therefore, this is not seemed to be beneficial for the wildlife of the region.

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