Globalization” refers to growing economic and cultural interconnectedness between different regions of the world. Because modern transportation and electronic communication has made commercial relationships between distant people easier than ever before

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Globalization” refers to growing economic and cultural interconnectedness between different regions of the world. Because modern transportation and electronic communication has made commercial relationships between distant people easier than ever before, the world is rapidly becoming a single interactive zone. This phenomenon has brought several unanticipated benefits.
The most commonly cited virtue of globalization is that it allows developing nations to use their low costs of living to their advantage. Because workers in developing nations can survive on less money, the production of goods in the developing world is significantly cheaper. This encourages business with those economies, fostering economic wellbeing. Southeast Asia, for example, has seen annual economic growth, allowing its citizens to live more comfortably today than their parents did only a generation ago.
A secondary but no less noteworthy advantage is that world trade creates competition that would otherwise be missing. As the rise of capitalism has demonstrated, competition forces the producers of goods to keep their goods’ quality as high or higher than that of their competitors and, simultaneously, their costs as affordable as possible. This means, in general, better goods for lower prices among those countries that participate in the global system. Those that do not, meanwhile, see prices climb.
Finally, globalization has cultivated a mutual reliance between countries that puts pressure on governments to make safer and healthier choices. Countries that rely on one another’s business are far less likely to go to war, for instance, and also must listen to the environmental concerns of their business partners. Countries that pollute excessively will see less business, and therefore must learn to curb environmental damage.

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The merits of globalization are debatable, as the professor illustrates in a number of points which refute the support offered by the text. Whereas the reading passage states that globalization is generally a positive development, the professor believes that it has done harm in a number of ways.

The first point that the lecturer brings up is related to the large recession many countries have seen since 2008. He links that crash to economic interdependence. If countries did not rely on each other so much, they would not be as deeply affected by the financial downturns of the countries they do business with. This contrasts with the text, which states that the global market creates better competition. The author of that text essentially argues that the more global business countries do, the healthier their economies will be.

Next, the professor brings up the movement of jobs between countries. Although the passage puts this in a positive light, stating that jobs moving to new countries means those countries will have more work opportunities, the professor believes that there is a negative side. Specifically, he says that jobs also leave countries, as in the example of TV factories which closed in the US after trade opened with Mexico. Those workers lost their jobs because production was moved to another country.

And finally, the professor refutes the idea that globalization can help the environment. He points out that cheap production is often the same type of manufacturing that causes air pollution. There is an economic incentive for countries that do business abroad to continue working cheaply, and by doing so, to continue polluting. This is a clear contrast to the text, which suggests that polluting countries will be pressured by their business partners to clean up any environmentally harmful practices.

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