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TPO 12 Integrated Writing (Jane Austin)

The writing claims that the portrait that Austen's family has come up for sale is definitely of Jane Austen. The believes if for several reasons presented in the writing. The lecturer disagrees. He says that there is not enough evidence to support the claim and attacks each of the claim made in the writing.

The writer mentions that Austin's family can identify and endorses that the painting is of Austin, therefore it should be believed. The lecturer on the other hand, believes that the claim of the Austin's family is questionable. He says, Jane has died a long time ago and her family has not seen her themselves therefore their attestation cannot be considered as proof.

The writing states that, as the painting of the teenage girl has similar features as Austin such as nose, face shape and eyes, hence it is her painting. The lecturer denies this assertion by stating that many relatives of Austin had similar facial features, hence this could be a painting of anyone from the family. He goes on to say that some experts believe that this painting is of Austin's niece Marry because she looked similar in her teenage years.

According to the writing, the girl in the painting was Austin because the style of the painting is same as the style of painter Ozias Humphrey, at the time of Austin's teenage years which is supported by the idea that, it was likely that an affluent family like Austin's would hire him for the work. However, the professor rebuts this argument by stating that the blank canvas was sold by the person didn't sell canvas in London when Austin was a teenager. He added that as the painting presents Austin as a teenager, hence it is probably not Austin.

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