TPO-12 - Integrated Writing Task Jane Austen (1775-1817) is one of the most famous of all English novelists, and today her novels are more popular than ever, with several recently adapted as Hollywood movies. But we do not have many records of what she lo

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The reading passage and the lecture discuss this fascinating topic the professionally painted full-length portrait of a teenage girl is Jane Austen or not. The article claims that the teenage girl in the painting is Jane Austen, to support this he provides three supporting reasons. The lecture cast has a serious doubt in claims by the article, according to the professor the evidence that suggests the full- length portrait of a teenage girl is Jane Austen is not convincing.
First of all, the author of the passage states that Austen's family clearly recognized that the girl in the portrait is teenage Jane Austen. This point is challenged by the professor he states that when portrait uses the edition of her letters in 1883. it takes place it about 70 years from the death of the Jane Austen so there is no way that Austen's family can recognize her because they don't see her so they can to recognize Jame Austen.
Secondly, the reading passage states that the portrait clearly resembles the one in Cassandra's sketch, which we know depicts Austen when she is an adult. This point rebut by the professor she states that even if painting match with Austen face but it does not make sure that it's her painting it can be her relative she has many female cousins at that time she was teen to illustrate this she provides the evidence that many researchers believe that the subject for the painting is one of her cousins Mary or Campier.
Finally, the article states that the style links it to Ozias Humphrey, who was a professional portrait painter at that time Austen family would hire him. the lecture states that although the style match with Humphrey but other evidence suggest something else like the stamp at back of the canvas is sold by Willem led and he started selling the canvas not until the Jane Austen at age of 27.
In summary, both the reading of the passage and the lecture give valuable information about the Jane Austen, but a significant amount of the fact suggests that there is no clear reason that portrait of a teenage girl is Jane Austen. Therefore the reading passage failed to justify.

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