TPO-13 - Integrated Writing Task Private collectors have been selling and buying fossils, the petrified remains of ancient organisms, ever since the eighteenth century. In recent years, however, the sale of fossils, particularly of dinosaurs and other lar's picture

The lecture claims that the advantages of fossils becoming a business outweigh the disadvantages of it mentioned in the reading passage.

To begin with, the lecturer argues that fossil business is a great exposure for the public to see the fossils. The public institute, like schools, could buy a fossil to display. However, the reading passage states that private fossil collectors will not let public see the fossils, which will cause a decline in public interest in fossils.

Second, according to the lecture, the value of the fossil need to be identified scientifically by the scientists and experts before they are sold. All the fossils must pass through the experts to be examined first. Thus, important information will not be missed out like what is said in the reading passage.

Lastly, the lecturer thinks that the extraction process benefits the public because it is better to discover more fossils rather than let all fossils remain intact. Nevertheless, the reading passage indicates that most commercial fossil collectors are not professional. They could destroy fossils or ignore the useful message of the fossils.

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