TPO-13 - Integrated Writing Task Private collectors have been selling and buying fossils, the petrified remains of ancient organisms, ever since the eighteenth century. In recent years, however, the sale of fossils, particularly of dinosaurs and other lar

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Both listening and speaking discuss the fossil trade. The lecture tells the negative consequence of follis trade and provides several reasons such as losing public interest, preventing some valuable discoveries and destroying relic. However, the speaker says trading in not bad as it present in lecture and refutes each author’s reasons.

First of all, the lecture claims that the fossils are trading between private collector and sellers. This trade prevent interest of public because not everyone can have access to see them. However, if it is in the museums, everyone can see them. The speaker opposes it. According to the speaker, public is in great exposure with trading of fossils and even museum and library have chance to buy them.

Secondly, fossils sellers damage some possible discoveries about extinct life form. They want to find rarest piece to maximize their profit. This situation prevent some researches. The speaker find it is not realistic. The sellers show the fossils first scientist first and then they sell it.

Lastly,valuable scientific evidence are often destroyed by fossils collectors. They do not pay attention detail which surrounds fossil. They do not interested how it lie or its exact position. These details are significant for scientist. The speaker opposed it and say they are interested with discovery of fossils.

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