TPO-13 - Integrated Writing Task Private collectors have been selling and buying fossils, the petrified remains of ancient organisms, ever since the eighteenth century. In recent years, however, the sale of fossils, particularly of dinosaurs and other lar

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The author describes that commercial fossils trade is an unfortunate development for both scientists and the general public and provides three reasons to support this claim. On the other hand, the professor asserts that negative consequences of selling and buying fossils are exaggerated and she says that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages; in addition, she refutes each of the author's reasons with rational grounds.
First, the writer states that commercial fossils trade makes it harder for the public to see fossils which lead to the reduction of public interest in fossils. Nevertheless, the speaker points out that selling and buying fossils provide greater exposure for the public to visit them not less opportunity. What’s more, a lot of fossils are available for purchase and even low-level public, such as schools and museums, definitely can buy and display them for the public.
Second, according to the reading, scientists lose access to some of the most important fossils and presumably miss crucial discoveries. Conversely, the lecturer brings up the idea that it is not a realistic viewpoint. In fact, all fossils should scientifically identify before selling which means that detail examination should be conducted on fossils, even if private collectors want to but them. To be more specific, all the fossils pass through hands of scientific experts and nothing will be missed in this way.
Third, the author expressed that as most fossil collectors are inexpert people, they destroy valuable scientific evidence. However, the professor posits that if commercial fossil collectors pay no attention to fossils, simply lots of them would be undiscovered yet. Admittedly, universities and scientific institutes are not equipped enough; therefore, it is better to find more fossils, although many scientific data cannot be discovered.
Therefore, the points mentioned in the reading do not make any sense.

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