TPO 15 integrated writing

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TPO 15 integrated writing

According to the passage, three main strategies were proposed to stop the animal cane toads' threat to other animals in Australia, while the professor contradicts the statement with the argument that all of these three methods will be unsuccessful and impractical.

First and formost, in response to the assertion presented by the passage that the spread of the cane toads can be prevented by establishing a national fence, the listening material holds a completely different explanation that the widespread of the young toads and their eggs can not be prevented through this method. Thus, it is doubtless that the listening holds the antithetical angle to against the reading in the first standpoint. As a matter of fact, the young toads and their eggs are transferred to different places through the streams. Though the national fence can prevent the areas from adults toads, the youngs and the eggs will be carried to other sides. Hence, the stragegy of building a national fence can be inefficient.

Moreover, contradictory to the theory in the writting that the cane toads can be caught and killed through volunteer activities to reduce the amount of toads, the professor claims that it can cause other negative side effect through this approach. To be more specific, volunteers such as the youngs, who are not trained, might catch other native frogs, which are important part of local ecosystem. This could result in the damage to local ecosystem.

Last but not least, the speaker holds the opinion that developing a certain virus to stop the spread can be terrible, which is contrary to the passage. To state it more clearly, this approach might do harm to American ecosystem. Once the infected toads transfer to the America, it might cause disaster there since the cane toad is native there. As a result, the toads in America will be elliminated, and the whole ecosystem will suffer.

In conclusion, the professor clearly identifies the weaknesses in the reading passage and convincingly shows that the central argument in the passage is incorrect.

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