TPO-24 - Integrated Writing Task Animal fossils usually provide very little opportunity to study the actual animal tissues, because in fossils the animals' living tissues have been largely replaced by minerals. Thus, scientists were very excited recently

The reading passage and listenning both discuss about R. robustus is a dinasour hunter or not. The reading passage claims that R. robustus is not a dinasour hunter and brings up several reasons for this claim. However, the professor casts doubt on this claim and refutes each of the reasons.

First of all, the reading passage explains that R. robustus had not able to hunt any dinasours because when you compare the size of R. robustus with dinasours, it was much smaller than dinasours. Nevertheless, the professors opposes this concept by explaining that size of R. robustus is not prove that it could not hunt baby dinasours or similar sized dinasours. The professors, on the other hand asserts that the size of R. robustus was twice of baby dinasours. Therefore, it could easly hunt baby dinasours.

Secondly, the reading passage states that the legs of R. robustus was small for hunting and much more designed for scavenging. By contrast, the professor points out that having small leg doesn't mean that R. robustus is not a hunter. In other words, she gives the example of Tasmania Devil which has modern animal with short legs. She says that Tasmania Devil can run 15 km/h due to short legs so this makes it very quick and successful hunter. So, according to the proffessor, Tasmania Devil's aspects could be assumed for R. robutstus.

Finally, the reading passage assets that the dinasours bones which are found in stomachs of robusus has not a teeth marks so it would not eaten by R. robustus. In contrary, the professors refutes this claim by believing that R. robustus has powerful jams and do not use their teeth for jewing. She states that R. robustus ate their hunts as a big and shallow pieces. That's why, the tooth marks should not be expected on the bones.

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Grammar and spelling errors:
Line 3, column 293, Rule ID: BEEN_PART_AGREEMENT[2]
Message: Consider using a past participle here: 'proved', 'proven'.
Suggestion: proved; proven
...laining that size of R. robustus is not prove that it could not hunt baby dinasours o...
Line 5, column 188, Rule ID: EN_CONTRACTION_SPELLING
Message: Possible spelling mistake found
Suggestion: doesn't
...fessor points out that having small leg doesnt mean that R. robustus is not a hunter. ...
Line 5, column 271, Rule ID: WHITESPACE_RULE
Message: Possible typo: you repeated a whitespace
...r. In other words, she gives the example of Tasmania Devil which has modern anima...
Line 7, column 109, Rule ID: A_PLURAL[1]
Message: Don't use indefinite articles with plural words. Did you mean 'a tooth' or simply 'teeth'?
Suggestion: a tooth; teeth found in stomachs of robusus has not a teeth marks so it would not eaten by R. robus...
Line 7, column 368, Rule ID: EN_CONTRACTION_SPELLING
Message: Possible spelling mistake found
Suggestion: That's
...heir hunts as a big and shallow pieces. Thats why, the tooth marks should not be expe...

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