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TPO 27 integrated writing

The reading passage proposes three possibilities of what causes The Little Ice Age. Yet, the lecturer in the listening argues that those possibilities are out of date and not accountable to the Little Ice Age.

First of all, the reading passages claims that the disruption of Gulf stream lower the temperature which causes The Little Ice Age. However, the lecturer disputes it and says that the Gulf stream only influence Europe's and American's temperature. It can't explain why the southern part of the earth, such as New Zealand and South Africa, are also entering the ice age.

Secondly, the reading suggests that the debris from volcanic eruptions block the sunlight which causes The Little Ice Age. Nevertheless, the lecturer disagrees and points out that there is no record showing there is any visual effect of volcanic eruptions. If the eruptions are strong enough to change the climate, there must be significant differences happen to the environment. The sunset could be colorful and the snow could be gray.

Last but not least, the reading asserts that the decrease of agriculture slows down the greenhouse effect and causes the ice age. Once again, the lecture disproves the argument. He suggests that the decrease of agriculture doesn't continue long enough to affect the climate. The agriculture is back again after a short period.

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