TPO-29 - Integrated Writing Task Large numbers of dinosaur fossils have been discovered in deposits on Alaska's North Slope, a region that today experiences an extremely cold,arctic climate. One hundred million years ago, when those dinosaurs were alive,

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While the issue both the reading and listening focus on is whether the Edmontosaurus migrated to the south since the environment of the North Slope was inhospitable for them, the listening casts doubt at three main points.
At the first point, the reading states that Edmontosaurus’s exclusive food was plants, which cannot grow in such dark and cold place like the North Pole. The migration hypothesis is strongly supported by their diet. According to the listening, summer temperature at that time was warmer than that of today since the sun shined 24 hours a day. Therefore, it creates a good condition for plants to grow. When winter came, the might have eaten the nutrient dead plants. This is a direct contradiction to what is stated in the reading.
At the second point, the reading believes that Edmontosaurus fossils were found at the same site. Therefore they may have travelled in herd, which resembles a lot of today animals’ characteristics. On the contrary, the listening argues that staying in herd may serve other purposes rather than migrating. It provides them with extra protection from predator. The professor illustrates this by mentioning the Roosevelt elk, which live in herd but not migrate. This is an important point that was not considered by the author of the reading passage.
At the last point, the reading mentions that the Edmontosaurus were able to travel the distance of 1600 km to thedestination since they can reach up to the speed of 45 km per hour. However, the listening confirms that dinosaur juveniles did not have the capability to travel at that velocity. It will significantly slow down the speed of the herd and make it impossible to reach the destination. The Edmontosaurus cannot leave the juveniles since they were not able to survive in that harsh environment. This is yet another example of how the professor and the author of the reading contradicts each other.

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