TPO-33 - Integrated Writing Task Carved stone balls are a curious type of artifact found at a number of locations in Scotland. They date from the late Neolithic period, around 4,000 years ago. They are round in shape; they were carved from several types o

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The author of the reading passage and the professor both discuss the Carved stone balls. The author of the passage offers three possible theories to explain the purpose and meaning of the Carved stone balls. However, the professor discords with the ideas mentioned by the author and argue that those theories are not convincing.

First, although the author of the passage claims that the carved stone balls were weapons used in hunting or fighting, the professor disputes that the carved stone balls were all well-preserved. If the carved stone balls had been the weapons, the balls should have had cracks on them or some of the pieces of the balls would have been broken. Therefore, the professor can conclude that the carved stone balls were not used as the weapon.

Second, the author mentions that the carved stone balls were used as part of a primitive system of weights and measures. However, the professor indicates that the carved stone balls all had different masses because they were all made from different type of stones which had various densities. Thus, it is impossible that the carved stones were used as standard weights to measure.

Finally, the author says that the carved stone balls served a social purpose. Nevertheless, the professor claims that although some carved stone balls were in intriguing patents, most stone balls were too simple to be used to mark the important social status of their owners. Furthermore, it is common that the dead person would bury their belongings into the grave. But, we could not find any craved stone ball in the grave, meaning the carved stone balls were not used as the social purpose.

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