TPO-33 - Integrated Writing Task Carved stone balls are a curious type of artifact found at a number of locations in Scotland. They date from the late Neolithic period, around 4,000 years ago. They are round in shape; they were carved from several types o

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Carved stone balls are artifcts that found is Scotland. They have different shape and they have made by different stones. The author mentions some theories and their evidances about the meaning of stone balls. But the lecturer thinks these evidances aren't convincing and have contradiction with other evidances.
The author thinks that Scottish people used stone balls as a weapon for hunting and fighting. Because, some stones have hole in them and grooves on the surface which allows people to swing and throw it. But the lecturer thinks arrow must have signs for ware and there are no damages on the main body of stone bells which cotradicts with the theory that presented in reading passage.
The author mentions that Scottish people used stone balls as a primative system for weighting and measuring. Because they were designed with the same size. But the lecturer thinks that stone bells don't have same masses. Because, different stones were used for making stone bells and they have different densities.
Finally, the author thinks that stone bells reflects social status of the owner. Because, many stone bells have elaborate designs. But the lecturer thinks the theory is inconsistent. Because, ancient people used to barry the body of dead people with symbols that reflects the position of them which contradicts with this theory.

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