TPO-33 - Integrated Writing Task Carved stone balls are a curious type of artifact found at a number of locations in Scotland. They date from the late Neolithic period, around 4,000 years ago. They are round in shape; they were carved from several types o

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The passage explains the uses of carved stone balls whereas the lecture defies the uses stating them as not convincing.

Firstly, the passage claims that the stone balls were used as the weapons for hunting and fighting. However, the lecture disagrees with it explaining that the balls were generally well preserved showing no signs of use as other common neolithic weapons did in past. There were visibly no marks and were completely intact.

Secondly, the passage suggests that the carved stone balls were uniform in size so they were used as standard weights in primitive weight system. The lecture, in contrast, contends the fact that the stone balls were made up of different material such as quartz, sand etc resulting different weight. Thus, they could not be used as the standard weights.

Thirdly, the passage affirms the carved stone balls for the social purpose represented as the marker of social status of their owners. The lecture argues that the balls were unlikely the social marker because some balls were carved intricately and some were carved in simple way. In the same way, when an individual is dead, his valuable possessions were buried along with the body. However, it seemed to be absent in tombs.

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