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The reading passage is talking about the validity of turtle excluder devices (TEDS) that are used to protect the endangered sea turtles which are accidentally caught in the nets of the shrimp fishing boats. It states the reasons for criticizing the use of these devices. The lecturer, on the other hand, goes against these reasons and refutes each one mentioned in the passage.

First, the passage assumes that the turtles are rarely trapped in the shrimpers' nets and using the TEDS will cost the shrimpers some of their shrimp catch as a percentage of the shrimp mange to escape through the turtle passages. The speaker, on the contrary, says that although it is rare to catch turtle in the nets, it is vital to use the TEDS in the fishing boats as there are thousands of operating shrimp boats on the coasts and thousands of the turtles can be caught in the nets every year.

Secondly, the reading states another method of protection that can be more effective than TEDS which is shortening the time limit that shrimp boats are allowed to keep their nets under water. The lecturer dissents from this idea as despite being theoretically effective, it is impossible to control the time and the fishing boats can not monitor it.

Lastly, the passage supposes that TEDS are not practical way for the larger turtles that may stuck in the small turtle passage. The speaker, in contrast, reckons that it is easy to create larger TEDS as they can be modified to fit the larger turtles.

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